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The Haute Mess Collection

September 3, 2015

We’re prettttty much in love with the new Haute Mess Collection from the Coco + Ollie Print Shop. Glam, gold, pink, and very vogue. You’ll see this whole collection if you join us on Periscope  (they’ll be on the wall behind me). All prints now come in an 8.5 x 11 size and have the sweet price tag of 20.00 bucks. (The larger size is still available though).


The Haute Mess Collection looks amazing with our watercoloresque prints – see the whole situation here. And speaking of Periscope, we want to give you super awesome, actual information and ideas that you can use  (we’ve been watching alot of them, and to be polite, not all are created equal. We’re not doing this to hear ourselves talk). We want to answer questions and have a conversation with you.  Find us on Periscope @deluxemodern. Please feel free to send us an email on what you’d like us to talk about, or of course, comment below. And we hope to see our new print collection hanging on your wall too! XO

*Update: we sold the Coco and Ollie Print Shop, and I don’t think Periscope exists anymore. 😉



  1. Snm


  2. Gina Kohler

    Are these still available to purchase?

  3. Elizabeth

    Love these prints !!!

  4. Lauren Godbold

    I would love to purchase these? How do I go about it? Thank you!!


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