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Bye Bye Background | Photo cut-outs

May 23, 2014

Update 2019: I do use Photoshop (daily) now, but I still think this is much easier!

I don’t use Photoshop. I just really don’t need it for the most part, and have no crazy desire to learn it (I know I am not alone here). Of course, I do have a Photoshop guru on stand-by if needed,  but the one thing I would love to learn and have really never gotten the hang of, is photo background removal. Perfect for product photography, blog posts, head shots – you name it. When I heard about this app, I def. had to try it- and when I dropped the background out of this photo in under 20 seconds by drawing a few squiggles, I had to share.  It’s an app called Photo Scissors, and it can be purchased in the App Store for 20 dollars.  (You can also download a free trial). The easier, the better, right?  Are we lazy when it comes to this stuff? You betcha. Work smarter, not harder, darling.

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  1. Amber

    This is so cool – THANK YOU!!!!! I am speechless to know that you don’t use photoshop!!! What is your program of choice??

  2. Jennifer

    WOW thank you thank you!!!! Love this

  3. Susy

    Oh my gosh! This is fantastic! Thank you!

  4. Angel

    Wonderful thanks

  5. Bianca

    Does this app still exist? It just is showing an error in the url? 🙁 I hope it is still here.

  6. Erika

    I cant find it, does it still exist? The url says error and wont show on app store..

  7. Andy

    Not really a “how to” except “spend money on this app”. I wonder if it does hair properly? There are some really good tutorials out there showing how to do this well. Yes it takes more than 20 seconds but it also yields very good results. There are not many shortcuts when it comes to doing decent Photoshop work – at least, not when it comes to humans. Cutting out a box – maybe.

    • deluxemodern

      To be clear, I’m not selling anything for this company. I’d just rather spend 20 bucks to buy a program that helps me remove a background in a few minutes vs. the hours in photoshop that it would take me. I found it helpful in my daily life, and wanted to share with others.

  8. Kimberly

    Just wondering if you know anyone else that needs a Photoshop guru on standby? I am a graphic designer. I have my own website and have helped other bloggers and website owners with image editing and other “Photoshop-y” things for reasonable rates.

  9. deluxemodern

    Thanks for the info. It is a stock photo that I used for the demo.


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