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Deluxe Studio Makeover | Details

October 7, 2014

Ah, it’s coming along.

When I first moved into the new studio on August 25th, I pretty much just stared at the walls in fear of messing them up. I have a tendency to hang / move / hang / move artwork, making my walls look like swiss cheese wherever I go. I really did not want to do that this time, so a month and a half later I’m starting to hang things and really figure out how the space looks best. The pink floors are holding up fabulously (that was such a good decision) and  since it’s still 90 degrees here, a makeshift ac unit was in order. The view of the pool and trees is calming and beautiful. Since our big reveal won’t be featured in Rue Magazine until December 2nd, we can’t show much ahead of time. Until then, I take little instagram shots and post some of them here. (Are you following us on Instagram? What about Pinterest)? This has been an incredibly exciting project to work on over the summer, but now we have something equally exciting coming up: a brand new design shop with a brand new name!

The Deluxe Shop will feature ready-made website templates with matching everything…. plus new styled stock photos!  More on that very soon. Until then, what’s black and white and pink all over?



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  1. Maca Martinez

    I’m in love with all the details in your office, specially the golden dotted vase and that fab chinoiserie thing which I don’t know what it is, but I love it anyway! Xo

    • deluxemodern

      Ah, thank you!

      I don’t actually know what the chinoiserie thing is either, but I love it too! (I think it’s some type of frame).


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