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Chic As Usual | Moodboard

September 6, 2017

Welcome to Moody Tuesday at Deluxemodern.  This is a new blog series of mood boards with design + style inspiration every week (on Tuesday, yes yes) so please plan to start your collection now.

Why? Because I adore mood boards. I love looking at them, designing them for clients, for myself, and creating wall-sized versions out of magazine pages, cards, tags, and anything else that strikes my fancy at the moment. I have always marveled at the sheer amount of gorgeous photography and inspiration you can get for six bucks in a magazine, and I think I single-handedly keep the industry alive. I could never trade it for digital, ever.  I decided on a series that’s fun to create, pretty,  and hopefully inspiring to you as well!

Volume one is called Chic as Usual which is gorgeous, sleek, and has that “coolest girl you know” vibe. Rich in every sense of the word: glossy black, gold, fringe benefits on the light fixture, artful manicure, pink florals, oysters, champagne cocktails, and THAT DRESS. Very New York mixed with Paris. I’m in love with this one. Say hello to the first Moody Tuesday.

deluxemodern moodboard


Please use the hashtag #moodytuesday and we may feature your mood board on our instagram account.

I’m creating these using Adobe Illustrator, but if you want to make them (and don’t have the software) Canva and Pic Monkey are fab alternatives. Let us know what you think of this new series, and if you have an idea for upcoming Moodboards, please comment below!

*All images and sources can be found on the Deluxemodern Lifestyle + Design Pinterest Account

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    Thanks a lot for sharing these illustrations! It’s a real feast for my eyes! Attractive, pleasing, and remarkable sight!


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