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Bright + Juicy Moodboard

September 22, 2017

Well, I’ll tell ya what. I was a little overzealous when I decided to post one mood board a week. Not that it takes too long to create, but I always want to add something to it. And then one more thing. And then another, making it a much bigger thing than it should be. I tend to do this with most things. I always want to add something extra, something special. As much I know this is a good thing, it also holds up the show a bit. For instance, I’m posting Moody Tuesday at 10:00 pm on Thursday (but I’m sure you won’t even see this until at least Friday). Truthfully though, this time of year is THE BUSIEST (I just booked a project designing a custom wedding suite: how fun is that?) so blogging comes after clients, and that’s just the way it is. Moving on.

This weeks Mood Board is called Juicy Details. The bright saturated colors create instant happiness, and then there’s cake and books. Not sure what else you need from a Mood Board really.

I added a few brush-style fonts, and after typing “Eat More Art” I decided to turn it into a print that you can download for free below. (Good example of me adding that extra thing).  I’ve had a few people say they don’t get it – and that’s cool. I can’t tell you exactly what it’s supposed to mean, but I guess for me it serves as a reminder to to incorporate (ingest) more art into daily life. It’s good for the soul. So print it if you feel it – and if you post on insta, please do tag us. @deluxemodern. Happy Tues- I mean Friday.


If you need a daily reminder to eat a steady diet of art, (or maybe you’re just tired of “do what you love, love what you do” quotes) click here to download our print. (It’s 8.5 x 11 btw). As always, all images are from the Deluxemodern Lifestyle + Design Pinterest Boards, or I took  / created the images myself. (Go to our boards to see if you can find them)!


*Print no longer available. Sorry!


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