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Color Lesson | Pink

April 2, 2016

Not sure that’s a surprise statement up there: Deluxemodern Loves Pink. Yes, I totally admit it. My sheets are pink (pale pink) and my husband doesn’t care ’cause he’s cool like that. And dang, my office floors were pink up until a month ago.

The Stylegram from Deluxemodern. This issue includes Color Theory, a Rosé Slushy, and a Pink Color Palette that will change the way you think of pink

I use a lot of pink in design. My clients come to me for it. A few years ago I tried to go a more neutral route on my website, and people would literally say to me “that doesn’t work” and they were right. I actually don’t have a ton of pink on there now, but it’s still pretty girly. The point of me telling you all of this, it that PINK IS A THING. It’s a good thing for business, and I’ll tell you why.

First, it’s really, really pretty and it makes people happy. I created an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the color in fact, and you see ongoing progress here. But there are scientific reasons it’s a fab color, and I was pretty excited when I found that out. (All images above are from our Pinterest board Deluxe Loves: Blushing Pink).

Color obviously plays an important roll in branding and business, and here is why pink can be a good thing for both: it calms the nerves, is mood-uplifting, weakens anger & violence, makes you spend more(!) makes you happier, AND it’s an appetite suppressant. (Not business related, but still). And that’s just for starters. There is a certain shade of pink called Baker-Miller or”drunk tank pink” and it’s used to paint the inside of holding cells for the drunk and disorderly until they sober up.

I read a book called Drunk Tank Pink A few years ago, and it explains it all in detail. It’s pretty crazy how much of an affect color can have on our moods. You can find more info by googling it or reading the book, and I’ve included the color code below (I called it Rosy Cheeks because I like to make up my own names) along with a few other pretty pinks. Feel free to pin.


Deluxemodern Loves Pink

I love the pink jail cells, it almost seems like a joke. The Baker Miller pink is a little too intense, and I’d much prefer a softer, more “Miss Modern pink” if you wanna know the truth. (And you know, if I were in jail).  Pretty crazy though, right?  As a designer I’ve developed my own palette over the years (starting with the above mentioned). Actually, that’s not true. I used to use lots of Chartreuse green on everything when I first started, and I still love it. Especially with pink. But anyway, there are certain colors that I REALLY don’t like, and it’ been that way forever. I wouldn’t wear them, decorate with them or design with them, and I suppose it has something to do with the way they make me feel. How do you feel about all this pink? Would you use it in your home or business?

Deluxemodern Loves Pink

I leave you with this pink drink from Style Me Pretty. A gorgeous, girly, pink rose slushy that seems perfect for spring. Please click on over to their site for the recipe.

Lastly, I very much intend to start sending out regular newsletters, because I want to stay connected to you guys. If there is anything specific you want me to cover on branding, design, interiors, products for the shop, or if you just have a question, please let me know in the comments below!  And if you’re not already a subscriber, you can do that here: The Stylegram Newsletter. Cheers!

Deluxemodern Loves Pink



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