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deluxemodern musings

Fab Space Round-up

August 19, 2013

If I were not a graphic designer, I would be an interior designer, no doubt about it. I have always thought that people are incredibly influenced by their surroundings, whether they know it or not – a well designed room is essential to mental health. (well, my mental health anyway)! My fab space board on pinterest is my hands down favorite, and I’ve selected a few drool-worthy rooms to be inspired by.  I think calm, comfortable elegance with a splash of humor + glamour sum up my current faves.

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  1. Virginia Smith

    I admire your aesthetic, your branding reminds me of the color boards I’ve created for interior design.

    I started out in window display and was persuaded by a client to design her home then her parties and then her businesses. I took graphic design in the literal cut and paste days and designed her marketing along with her friends and became a retail management consultant in the antiques business. Now I am a photographer in my old age.

    You never know where life leads you, take every opportunity to do the things you love.

    I recently found out how very short life is as I was planning my next phase of collaborations and projects. I’m cutting down but I still plan on taking any opportunity I have the strength for.


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