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floral inspiration

Full-Tilt Floral Inspiration

January 11, 2018

Hello all! I was finally getting back into blogging when dangit, if my whole life didn’t get turned upside down. I’m not going to go into crazy detail, because we have prettier things to talk about, but: in the past 90 days, I was evacuated from my home in Sonoma Country for over a month due to a massive firestorm that came RIGHT up to the edge of our house (we were renting) so while the house stayed in tact, there was a lot of smoke damage and we lost all of our clothing, bedding, textiles, (my throw pillows, my dresses, waaaaah!) and some furnishings. The area was toxic and the cost to live in California – as bad as it already was, got a million times worse overnight, and honestly, I was just kind of tired of being there. So we moved to Kansas City. Done.

I shall fill you in on KC details later (but I am writing this from THE most gorgeous apartment, and it’s snowing outside). Yep, snow. Grey. Cold. Kind of blah. Which makes me want bright colors, bold stripes, fresh florals, and to be honest an all around stylish Kate Spade vibe – so I’ve put together this round-up of some of the prettiest wedding + party details I could find, because we could probably all use a little bright inspiration right about now. (sources + more info below).

floral inspiration


I’m super-inspired by the stationery by Kate Spade for Paperless Post. I started using Paperless Post years ago, and have sent every party invite with them ever since. I’m obsessed with their style (I think I still have a catalog from 3 years ago) and the photo styling is the best. My other favorite features include the fact that you can send an online invitation, as well as a paper version. What I’ve done in the past is to send out the online invite, and then order a paper copy as a keepsake from the party. For a wedding, you could “save the date” online, and then send out your matching wedding invitations + thank you notes. Another fave feature is the tracking, especially for kids parties. If you send invites for birthday parties to school with your kids, chances are good they will never get to the right hands. This way you know. Plus you can download the app to keep track of everything on the go. Another favorite thing about PP? That logo! Adorable. I am a huge fan, clearly.

Here are the links to everything in the roundup, and P.S. – I was in the middle of updating my website when we were evacuated, so huge pieces of it are missing. Boo. We’re already booking design projects well into spring, but I WILL find time to update the portfolio! xox0 (this is a sponsored post, but these are my actual opinions).

1.Floral Bouquet  

2. Thank you Cards

3. Velvet Ring Boxes

4.Floral Wedding Cake

5. Striped Shoes

6. Wedding Invitations

7. Table Setting

8. Striped Runner

9. Styled Ring Box Layout

10. Hair Flowers

11. Save the Dates


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