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Miss Modern Studio Makeover | The Beginning

July 29, 2014

I’m gonna tell you right now: this is going to be an ugly post. All brown, grey and dismal, and the photos aren’t even good. BUT: Deluxemodern is going to have an all new design studio very soon, and we’re pretty dang excited about it. I started to write a whole long post with lots of details, but for right now we’re going to give you the info quick and dirty (and I mean with spiderwebs, dust, and all).

Here it is: Deluxemodern is moving into a new studio. The space is a home office, in a separate building. It’s basically a garage / storage unit, but it’s a great size with lofty ceilings. We have played “musical offices” (like musical chairs) over the past few years and it’s getting old.  We wanted to be close to home (kids) but have a beautiful, professional space to work from – away from laundry and other distracting house stuff. So, we’ve decided to give this space a head-to-toe makeover and have the best of both worlds. So, first things first: It’s going to have a PINK FLOOR!  This wasn’t something I thought would be possible, but when my husband mentioned we could tint cement paint any color we wanted, well: done & done. I’m trying to choose a color that matches my Ted Baker bag (you can see a photo here) an icy, glossy pink. We plan to hold photo shoots and start shooting some video classes to go along with new products coming to the Dear Miss Modern Shop. Bright white walls & pink floors. Yes. We are also thrilled beyond measure to announce a partnership with on this project, and are over the moon that the final reveal will be featured in Rue Magazine! (dreamy, right)? We will be updating this whole shindig on social media, and hitting the milestones on the blog, so make sure you’re following us everywhere by clicking here.

FLOOR COLOR IDEAS (starting with a pretty picture at least).

Deluxemodern Studio Makeover


These are a few gritty before photos… it already looks so different with just the insulation,  and check out that new window. I’ll be eye-level with the pool while sitting at my desk (making it hard to work, no?)

We would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any any fun decorating ideas we’d love to hear those too! We will be posting the whole thing here and throughout social media – we love a good before and after project!


Deluxemodern Studio Makeover


This was the cover of the brand pitch that we used for collaboration

This was our order from Wayfair. Gorgeous, right?

The perfect pink paint. But really.


  1. Michelle Thomas

    I too searched high and low for the perfect pink paint. Ballet slipper, inside of a seashell and NOWHERE NEAR A PIECE OF HUBBA BUBBA! I spent more on samples than the final cans of paint. Found a lovely color called “Halo” from Clark & Kensington. It’s gorge. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    Can’t wait to see the result.

    • deluxemodern

      Thank you Michelle! I will have to look for that. I did the same thing with green paint a few years ago -I had every paint swatch and every sample that I could get my hands on (and I’m happy to say, I picked the right one). xo

  2. Janis Doyle

    Morganite pink is perfect. The color of the gemstone is the perfect shade.
    Works well with warm or cool like ballet pink.

  3. Chantal {luxxury livving}

    You had me at “pink floors”, omgoodness I’m soooooo loving this idea!!! I cannot wait to see the results!

  4. Kimberly Carson

    Hi there. I’m beginning work on my garage next week, it’ll be a skincare studio! Very excited and a little clueless on how to brand my private label skincare as well as web-sight. Hope to work with you in the future and good luck with your redo!


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