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The Chic List | Deluxemodern Blog

May 12, 2020

Hello + welcome to the Deluxemodern Blog, now called The Chic List. We’ve decided to call it that mainly because we plan to talk about all things chic and stylish here, including interiors, fashion, books, food, and design. Since Deluxemodern is our business name, it just felt, well, boring to double up.

After *quite* a blogging hiatus (2 years?) we’re back, and hope to share our daily inspiration with you. We’ve just revamped the entire site and blog (and by we, I mean me), and we left some of our “vintage” blog posts up for fun. We love interation, to hear your thoughts, and any ideas you have for the blog. It’s a whole new ball game now, and we hope you’ll stick around!

xo coco


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