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deluxemodern musings

Just Paint it Black

January 21, 2013

I’ve always read that no matter what, black adds drama to a room. And so I’ve always added it. But just a little. Let’s face it: it’s a scary color when it comes to decorating, and while I’ve always been pretty bold with my choices, I’ve stayed away from this one. Until now. Long story short, we have an odd fireplace situation: It’s about 8 feet of plain painted drywall, flat and boring. Maybe you’ve seen it in my wallpaper posts, but I probably never photographed the whole thing since it’s kind of dumb. I have tried everything I can think of to make this thing look good, and liteally NOTHING has worked. Today, after painting it a shiny gold (don’t ask) and having that look ridiculous, my husband said “we should just paint it black.” He was kidding, and kind of shocked when not only did I agree, I whipped out an old Domino (it was the one on the top of the stack) with black walls on the cover. We then ran to the paint store, and will paint it tonight. I have no idea if it will look good, but my fingers are crossed. I should add that we have an oversized mirror with an ornate white frame to hang on top of the black. Here’s a little inspiration from pinterest that convinced me even more….eek! {will post after photos, but only if it works]!

black is the new black.

I’s classic, it’s chic, it’s timeless. You can never really go wrong (hopefully) with a little black. All photos are from pinterest. (almost none linked to the original source).



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